Protestant Political Bibliography

The Nature of Justice

Owen, John.  Dissertation on Divine Justice Works vol. 10 (same volume as Death of Death).  Emphasis on 10:513 (Reformed Understanding Of Natural Law).  See also Trueman’s excellent commentary on Owen.


Luther, Martin.  On Trading and Usury.
Shields, Alexander. A Hind Let Loose-(HEAD VII, explains the Protestant view of Taxation)
Smith, Adam.  Wealth of Nations.

Church-State Relations

Gillespie, George. A Treatise of Miscellany Questions (Chapter 19; Separation of Church and State among the OT Jewish Theocracy)
Locke, John. Letter Concerning Toleration 1689.
Coffey, John. Politics, Religion and the British Revolutions: The Mind of Samuel Rutherford 
Rutherford, Samuel.  Lex, Rex.


Westminster Larger Catechism, 98-148 (An exposition of revealed ethics)

Nature of Civil Power

Gillespie, George. Aaron’s Rod Blossoming.

Price, Greg. Biblical Civil Government Versus the Beast; and, the Basis for Civil Resistance
Shields, Alexander. A Hind Let Loose-(HEAD V, Protestant Origins of Man’s Right to Bear Arms Against Tyrannical Government)

Theonomy Revisited