The Person of Jesus Christ (HR Mackintosh)

Edited by T.F. Torrance


John 7:17.  If any man willeth to do his teaching, he shall know whether he is from God.

  • The organ of spiritual knowledge is always obedience (5.)

The Jesus of History

Messiah-words: “The last foundations of being were in him” (10).

  • Controlling consciousness of “being sent” (11).

Jesus knows he is God’s son in the inmost place of his self-consciousness (21-22).

Theme: “The real nature of the Triune God becomes disclosed to us through the reconciling sacrifice of the Son and in one spirit we are given access to the Father and come to apprehend him in accordance with what he is in himself” (Torrance 72).

  1. F. Torrance speaks of his time studying under Hugh Mackintosh: “Many a would-be theological student was converted in his classes.”

If the revelation of God in the New Testament is true, Jesus Christ must be in himself what he reveals.  And if the message of salvation is true, what Jesus does for us must be what God himself does…Apart from a real identity or unity between revealer and the revealed, revelation suffers from a fatal discrepancy” (76, 77).

Theme 2: In Christ there is a perfect revelation of god the Father (Mackintosh 43).  “It is always through redemption as an experience that revelation is vouchsafed.” What does Mackintosh mean by that?  I’m not entirely certain. I can hazard a guess, though. God’s revelation towards redemption must engage the knower as subject.  Perhaps. Or he could be saying that there is no revelation in the abstract.  I certainly agree with that but I don’t think that is entirely what he has in mind.  

Conclusion:  The book is a neat snapshot of Scottish Christianity in the early 1900s between the much-desired demise of Ritschlianism and the advent of Barthianism.  

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