Osborne: Revelation 2-3

2:5-6. When Jesus threatens to come in judgment on the churches, is this a natural or eschatological reading?  In the first three chapters erchomai refers to the final judgment (1.4; 7, 8).

2:-27. This makes sense within a millennial reign, for it mentions the existence of nations after Christ’s return.  This doesn’t prove a millennial reign, to be sure, but it fits well with passages like 17:14 and 19:15.

3.10. Is Jesus promising to rapture his church before the trial that comes on the world? Osborne notes that the debate centers on ek. Gundry argues that ek has a local force.  Surprisingly, Osborne, a post-tribulationist, argues that the thrust is universal.  With that said, he believes that “keep from” rather than “exempt” is the correct reading (Osborne 193).

3:21-22.  Three stage development of “throne-theology.” Yahweh sits on the throne in majesty.  The Son of Man sits on David’s throne. The victorious saints sit on their thrones (214-215).

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