Interpretive Lexicon of NT Greek (Beale)

Beale, G. K ed. An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek.

The authors intend for this to be an aid in discerning the logical relationships between clauses and phrases in NT syntax. The first chapter explains what these logical relationships are. On one hand, if you are competent in English and logic, you will already know this. On the other hand, most Americans, even seminarians, lack such competence.

To the meat of it

The references are indexed to the various editions of BDAG. In some ways, this booklet is more a commentary on how to use BDAG.

Methodology: clause relationships are merely signaled by words. Words by themselves do not create the semiotic relationships. It is like a sign post. Welcome to “X.” The sign itself isn’t the x but it represents the reality.

The rest of the book is a brief lexicon of how adverbs, prepositions, and the like are used in the Greek NT.


A word of caution. This isn’t the type of book to read online. If you are going to read this, then you need to have this. I read it online, which limited its utility for me.

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