Sea of Skulls (Vox Day)


The shorter sequel to A Throne of Bones. It holds up well to its predecessor.  It doesn’t have the awe-inspiring “Bigness” of A Throne of Bones, but it does have a more focused narrative.  One reason why the first one was so long was the murky fleshpots of quasi-Roman politics.   Here Dwarves and Orcs have more focused (and are far more interesting).

My only quibble is the opening scene.  Be warned.  It is raw.  Remember those 1980s fantasy B movies where the “raiding hordes” come upon the village?  And if the movie is rated R, you probably know what happens next.

Now to the rubrics

Prose: Very good.  Probably better than his first book. 9/10.

Plot: same as the first book. 10/10.

Characters: He really outdid himself this time.   Even the character chapters about the orcs are fascinating.  10/10.

Ideas: Maintains the Warcraft feel to it.  That’s not a criticism.


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