Some chiasms from Leithart

I normally don’t reference Leithart, since I hate everything about the Federal Vision.  But if Rutherford could quote Suarez and Grotius, then I can quote Leithart.

Chiasm of Joy

A. David gifts to and delight in Elohim’s house, vv 1-3

B. David gives more, vv 4-5a (natan, “give”)

C. Who is willing to fill the hand? v 5b

C’. Princes are willing, v 6

B’. Princes give, vv 7-8 (natan, 2x)

A’. Joy of assembly and king, v 9

Structure of Genesis 17

A. Abe 99, v 1a

B. Yahweh appears, v 1b

C. El Shaddai: establish covenant, v 2

D. Abram falls on face, v 3a

E. God speaks: changes Abe’s name, vv 3b-8

F. Circumcision, vv 9-14

E’. God speaks: changes Sarai’s name, vv 15-16

D’. Abraham falls on face and laughs, v 17

C’. God: covenant with Isaac, promises to Ishmael, vv 18-21

B’. God ascended from Abe, v 22

A’. Abe circumcises, 99 years old, vv 22-27

Following John Breck, we can read the center of this chiasm helically:

C/C’: El Shaddai gives covenant —> what’s more, He cuts covenant with Isaac

D/D’: Abram falls on his face —> what’s more, Abraham falls on his face and laughs

E/E’: God changes Abram’s name—> what’s more, he changes Sarai’s name

F: the covenant, the worshipful laughter, the renaming all circle around the sign of the covenant, and explicate that sign. To be cut in the flesh is to be brought into covenant; to be cut in the flesh is to join in the laughter of Abraham; to be cut in the flesh is to receive a princely name.

Structure of Song 3:6-11

A. What is coming?, v 6

B. Traveling coach of Solomon, v 7a

C. mighty men, vv 7b-8

Ca.mighty men of the mighty men

Cb. grasp sword

Cc. expert in war

Cb’. sword at side

Ca’. against terrors of night

B’. Solomon made chair, vv 9a-10

A’. Look at Solomon, v 11



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