Ronald Reagan: The Notes

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After Pres. Reagan’s death they found several boxes on his desk that consisted in hundreds of 3 x 5 note cards.  He had written everything from formal quotations to one-liners.  He recycled these and used them as political dynamite.

The first half of the book is organized around topics and is quotations from famous people. The second half consists of jokes he collected over the years.

Ibn Khaldoun: At the beginning of a dynasty taxation yields a large revenue from small assessments.  At the end of a dynasty taxation yields a small revenue from large assessments (90).

Will Rogers: Whenever you make out a tax return, you don’t know if you are a crook or a martyr.


“I used to think I was poor.  Then they tell me I was needy.  They said I wasn’t needy–I was culturally deprived.  Then they said deprived was a bad image–I was underprivileged. That became overused and I became disadvantaged.  I still don’t have a dime but I do have a great vocabulary” (222).

“Pilot to control tower: “I’m coming in. Please give me landing instructions.”
Tower: Why are you yelling so loud?
Pilot: I don’t have a radio.

Middle Age:  When you begin exchanging emotions for symptoms (237).

English professor told class he’d found one of the most elegant lines in the English language: “Walk with light.”  Isn’t that a wonderful thing to say to someone? The class agreed and asked who the poet was.
Professor: Anonymous. It’s written on a sign at the corner of 9th and Main.


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