Mentoring 101 (John Maxwell)

Think Like a Mentor

(1) Make people development your top priority.

(2) Limit who you take along.  Use the Pareto Principle (80/20). If you focus on the top 20 percent, you will get an 80 percent return.

(3) Develop relationships before starting out.

(4) Give help unconditionally.

(5) Let them fly with you for a while.  Let them learn with you, like the Hebrew approach (not the Greeks!).  It looks like this:

I do it.
I do it–and you watch.
You do it–and I watch.
You do it.

(This also forms a neat chiasm).

(6) Put fuel in their tank.  Share resources: books, dvds, etc.

(7) Stay with them until they can solo successfully.

“Leaders who attract followers…..Need to be needed.
Leaders who develop leaders…..Want to be succeeded.
Leaders who attract followers…..Want recognition.
Leaders who develop leaders…..want to reproduce themselves.
Leaders who attract followers…..Focus on others’ weaknesses.
Leaders who develop leaders…..Focus on others’ strengths.
Leaders who attract followers……Want to hold on to power.
Leaders who develop leaders……Want to share power” (36).

“Make it part of your habit to look for things going right.”  Sometimes this was the only thing that kept me going at certain jobs.

Five Step Mentor Model

I model
I mentor.
I monitor
I motivate.
I multiply.


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