Marx and Satan (Richard Wurmbrand)

One only has to read Marx’s analysis of Hegel to see that Marx is clearly demon-possessed.  But Wurmbrand suspects there might be more to it. Wurmbrand is not saying Marx made a pact with the Devil.  He is saying he used Luciferian categories, language, etc. And later Marxists were openly Satanic.

For further reading: North, Gary. Regeneration through Revolution.

Satanic Evidence

Marx speaks of “building his throne against God” in language reminiscent of Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28.


One of the rituals of the Satanist church is the back mass, which Satanist priests recite at midnight. Black candles are put in the candlesticks upside down. The priest is dressed in his ornate robes, but with the lining outside. He says all things prescribed in the prayer book, but reads from the end toward the beginning. The holy names of God, Jesus, and Mary are read inversely. A crucifix is fastened upside down or trampled upon. The body of a naked woman serves as an altar. A consecrated wafer stolen from a church is inscribed with the name Satan and is used for a mock communion. During the black mass a Bible is burned. All those present promise to commit the seven deadly sins, as enumerated in Catholic catechisms, and never to do any good. An orgy follows (Wurmbrand 8).

We will now consider Marx’s drama “Oulanem” (which is an inversion of the name Emanuel, a specifically Satanic move)  Marx writes,

The hellish vapours rise and fill the brain, Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed. See this sword? The prince of darkness Sold it to me. For me he beats the time and gives the signs. Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.  

Wurmbrand comments: These lines take on special significance when we learn that in the rites of higher initiation in the Satanist cult an “enchanted” sword which ensures success is sold to the candidate. He pays for it by signing a covenant, with blood taken from his wrists, agreeing that his soul will belong to Satan after death (9).

Marx writes in a letter to his father, “A curtain had fallen. My holy of holies was rent asunder and new gods had to be installed” (10 November 1837).

Instead of telling his kids fairy tales at bed times, he told them stories of men who sold their souls to the devil.  Seriously. Who the *&%% does this? Wurmbrand quotes Robert Payne, “There can be very little doubt that those interminable stories were autobiographical. He had the Devil’s view of the world, and the Devil’s malignity. Sometimes he seemed to know that he was accomplishing works of evil.”

Speaking of the anarchist Bakunin, Wurmbrand has a very interesting paragraph: “Bakunin reveals that Proudhon, another major Socialist thinker and at that time a friend of Karl Marx, also “worshiped Satan.” Hess had introduced Marx to Proudhon, who wore the same hair style typical of the nineteenth-century Satanist sect of Joanna Southcott” (Wurmbrand 16).

Marx’s favorite daughter Eleanor married an avowed Satanist, Edward Eveling.

Marx’s behavior on his deathbed was rather strange.  His housemaid and whore, Helen Demuth, said he prayed before candles the week before his death.  Marx never practiced Judaism and he openly rejected Christianity. So what was happening? More interesting is that he had a statue of Zeus.  Zeus, as those who aren’t enamored of a Bowdlerized Greek classicism know, is Satan. Plain and simple.

Wurmbrand: “Britain’s center of Satanism is Highgate Cemetery in London, where Karl Marx is buried. Mysterious rites of black magic are celebrated at this tomb. It was the place of inspiration for the Highgate Vampire, who attacked several girls in 1970” (35).

Wurmbrand then has some observations on Lenin’s Satanism. The rest of the book (from about page 40 onward) is a litany of Marxist crimes, especially in connection with Satanic themes.  It is a supplement to Solzhenitsyn’s never-sufficiently-praised Gulag.  It’s not easy reading.   It’s necessary, though. If anyone is tempted by Wokism or Cultural Marxism, then he/she/xir/xim needs to read it.  And own it. Because that’s exactly what is going to happen.

The last chapter is a snapshot from a Satanic mass by a person who later escaped.  I won’t mention it here for obvious reasons.

Some criticisms

This is one of those issues where it is “document or die.”  Wurmbrand will refer to the titles of Marx’s works, but often not any more specific than that.  I guess that can’t be helped, since most of these were pamphlets which wouldn’t have any consistent pagination.


5 thoughts on “Marx and Satan (Richard Wurmbrand)

  1. This kind of stuff discredits serious attempts to document actual demonological phenomena. Proudhon was not a satanist; even a brief review of some of the more notorious passages shows that he, at the same time, accuses both reactionary and liberal catholics of being atheists and/or demon worshipers. And Proudhon almost never had any substantial relationship with Marx, accusing him of being a crypto-totalitarian, a critique taken up again by later anarchists at the second international.

    It’s hard to believe you’re dumb enough to fall for the Cultural Marxism trope. The reality is a kind of life-style and rhetorical choice by the most degenerate and lazy in our empire of capital and banksters.


    • I simply reviewed a work by a guy who was tortured by Communists. I’ll take your word on Proudhon, though I was only going by what he said (if that counts for anything).

      As to being “dumb enough” and “intellectually lazy,” I’ll let others decide. I do my devotions in Greek and Hebrew. I taught myself Aramaic and Ugaritic. I read 3-5 books a week.


      • Yes, and I revere the saintly Richard Wurmbrand for his perseverance, as documented in “Tortured for Christ”. But his experiences scarred him, and he moved to Texas to set up his ministry. And while neither of these disqualify him from being an analytical source, it’s clear from further research that he is going from memory or folk-recollection of some figures and events into a grand narrative of Marxist deception, which the US was more than willing to endorse.

        I didn’t call you intellectually lazy, and it’s the fact that you can boast such abilities that I find your willingness to repeat such a trope strange. As a recent political analyst said, identity politics is reaganomics for lefties. Cultural Marxism is a slur to lump in a lot of phenomena, some of which amounts to degenerate forms of thought bred from the intellectually lazy literati class, and some which needs to be carefully separated. But given that no one who shouts “Cultural Marxism!” actually has read much of figures like Adorno, Benjamin, Horkheimer, Gramsci et al., people who come closest to being theorists of such a thing, let alone connecting how said figures actually form the basis of the Cultural Marxism today, it’s hard to take these accusations seriously. It’s like calling someone a “puritan” or a “papist” in 17th century England: baseless, confused, but touching on something that’s really going on, even if it’s not understood.


      • I get that cultural marxism can be a slur. But I still get to say it. I can say it because I’ve read Hegel, Marx’s philosophical writings, Marcus, Freud, etc. And Heidegger. Lots of Heidegger. And Derrida.

        As to the specifics in Wurmbrand’s account. I have in mind things like Marx’s openly satanic play.


  2. The Russian Communist Party is so satanic that they’re deeply concerned about physically meeting with force those Alt-Righters who vandalize Ukrainian Orthodox temples:

    It’s possible to not take Marx or Marxism too seriously while also realizing that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism can be a useful tool in the fight against limousine liberals. You just gotta turn off the Alex Jones and delve a little deeper into Russian politics (over there, it’s “Red and White Unite!”:

    “But Lenin was a bloodthirsty devil!” -and Pat Buchanan is affiliated with “the party of Lincoln”.


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