Jumpstart Your Growth (John Maxwell)

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John Maxwell’s argument is simple and time-tested:  to grow you have to have a strategy to grow. To really grow you need to stick to that strategy for 90 days. And the book is divided into 90 day segments (but it’s really not that long).  This isn’t a feel-good self-help book. You won’t grow unless you work hard and are willing to be uncomfortable (real quick: write a list of your strengths and weaknesses and come up with a corresponding strategy.  Now. Don’t put it off). See what I mean?

Maxwell’s strength in this book, though, is in his pithy one-liners.  Like the book of Proverbs. And that’s what this is: wisdom literature.  It’s practical. For example:

“Motivation will get you going. Discipline will keep you growing.”  

The heart of the book–and probably the middle of it–is his chapter on systems.  Haphazard growth is almost never repeated. Serious growth requires that it be implemented systematically.  What “system” are you using to insure that your goal is acquirable and that you aren’t wasting time?

The one thing that really stuck with me was his pithy line about “being stuck in the rut of accidental growth.”  Many of us are probably talented enough to keep moving forward but never really breaking through. In other words, you’re good, not great.   While you probably won’t ever be a prodigy, Maxwell’s book will help you make breakthroughs.


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