Dictionary of Demons/Deities in the Bible: Anat

A friend of mine provided me with….access to this classic standard.  Each entry is on an entity/concept that has divine connotations and is found or alluded to in the Bible.  As a reference work of its kind, it simply has no equal (sadly, neither does its price).

Dictionary Of Deities And Demons In The Bible, Second Edition

Anat. Female Canaanite deity.  She wasn’t necessarily Baal’s consort, since the Keret Cycle seems to clearly imply that Ba’al had sex with a cow, not with Anat (KTU 1.10 iii: 33-38).

And remember that Ba’al = Satan (per Jesus’s words about Beelzebul), and since Jesus also says that Satan’s throne is in Pergamum, and the only notable architecture there was Zeus’s altar, that means Satan = Zeus.

Kind of ruins “going back to the classics.”


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