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When I first posted this review, someone asked “Are you seriously saying that aliens are coming?”

Of course not.  I am saying the Vatican believes alien saviors are coming.  I think they are demonically deceived, but I’m just statin’ the facts.

Summary of argument (80).  Because only a small percentage of UFOs are extraordinary, the rest are intentional hoaxes or natural phenomena.   The language of UFO discourse is obtus, perhaps deliberately so.

To clarify, the authors are not arguing that extra-terrestrials are real.  The scientific evidence against life on other planets is overwhelming.  Rather, the UFO sightings are neither weather balloons (per the government) nor ET.  They are spiritual in nature, yet not immaterial.  

The argument is thus:

  1. Only a small percentage of UFO sightings are extraordinary (80).
  2. The elites deliberately encourage both the hysteria and the skepticism, as this is an example of social engineering.
  3. As Christians we reject the New Age idea that aliens will lead us into a spiritual evolution.  The Bible doesn’t support that. However, the Bible does support a disclosure deception (222).
  4. A Christian analysis of the UFO phenomenon is rather straightforward.  We cannot simply dismiss it. Too much evidence. Rather, as St Paul said, there are archons and kosmokratoras; Satan is the prince of the air.  Why not take that literally, as it easily solves the UFO deal?

The authors do a decent job with Heiser’s divine council worldview.  I won’t go into it here. They also draw upon Hugh Ross’s works dealing with aliens and the possibility of other dimensions.  

There is a good, albeit speculative section on transhumanism.  They document their material quite well.

So what about the Vatican?  Okay, the Vatican has a satellite in Arizona dedicated to looking for alien messiahs.  It’s Jesuits, so what else do you expect?

The book was somewhat poorly edited and I caught a number of typos.



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