RO, reconstituted

I felt the need to change the title and perhaps revamp the whole blog.  I am having more and more difficulties with the federal theology embedded in High Calvinism, so it didn’t seem right to have a blog dedicated to a key proponent of it.

I am also looking again at some key Radical Orthdooxy themes. Several of the thinkers have evolved from their latent anabaptist theology in the late 90s.  Some are still very heterodox.  But some are quite interesting.


3 thoughts on “RO, reconstituted

  1. RadOx have some shared concerns with me, but they have a fantastical vision of the past. I know you’re critical of the Anabaptists, but I wish you’d take the time to understand their motives in breaking away from Zwingli in the Swiss case. If you like the free-church, then you owe it to pay men like Grebel, Blaurock, and Hubmaier some respect.


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