Good Advice =/= universal law (on the debt free virgin thing)

I feel like I have to add my .02 to the “Men Want to Marry Debt-Free Virgins without tattoos” article.   On the most basic surface level, that’s fairly good wisdom.  But here is the problem with the prairie muffin/RC Sproul Jr/Doug Wilson/Doug Phillips crowd:  there is no distinction between good advice and binding ethics on the church (or home church, what have you).


Why do I care?  Because people will see these deviant ideas as reflective of Christianity and then become atheists.

Thesis 1: I am going to critique the background ideas but in doing so I am not attacking the idea of debt-free virgins.

Thesis 2: You can’t separate the transformed wife’s theology and ethics from that of the Pearls, whom she admits she follows.

Let’s look at the background worldview. What does this background worldview entail?  The following quotes are from Created to Be His Helpmate.  I won’t bother to refute them.  Just read them out loud.

“If you want to keep your man and the father of your children, you are going to have to forget about your rights as a wife and forget his Christian obligation to his vows.” (pg 30)

more gems.  This might be one of the  more brutal line-by-line takedowns I’ve ever read.

Debi Pearl’s “Created to be his help meet” — a review by Avid Reader

I’m not a feminist.  But at the same time I don’t want Christian sisters to get shacked up and misled by teaching that has resulted in child-abuse deaths, incest, etc.  Have you ever seen a doormat woman?  Now you have.

Thesis 3: Virginity and economic sanity are good things.  Don’t make them idols.



2 thoughts on “Good Advice =/= universal law (on the debt free virgin thing)

  1. There’s also this weird blending of cultural moods/mores with ethically binding, God-given, commandment. If my wife wasn’t upset or jealous at the above behavior, I’d think there’s something wrong with her and find her odd and off-putting. Anger and jealously isn’t unattractive; sometimes its the reverse, it just depends on where it’s coming from.


    • I don’t know if you are on Facebook, but you’ve mercifully dodged some ugly discussions. I think a lot of guys are overreacting to the Rainbow haired 58 GEnders Tumblrista into some kind of David Koresh patriarchalism.


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