John Wyclif and Communication


Starting 9:23.  O’Donovan’s notes:

Lordship/Dominion.  Does not depend on property. Absolute property is possession of something without an attendant obligation.

God’s own lordship was not owned by God’s keeping himself to himself.  God “lends” himself.  He can’t “give away,” since he cannot alienate himself.  Rather, he communicates and brings man into fellowship.

Sharing creation as a whole to mankind as a whole.  Our interest depends on a responsiveness to the Divine communication.

Thesis:  any and every righteous man is lord of the whole sensible world.   In receiving anything we receive the whole world in it.  Communicating the goods of creation with each other, we discover a radical equality in our creaturely relationship to god’s communication.  None of us is the source of our communication to others.  We hold what we communicate with Christ’s communication.

This mine is ours

But O’Donovan isn’t calling for communism.  Property is a relative good


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