Relations of relations

If persons are relations of a simple essence,

* How does such a relation become incarnate?

* Does this relation have a relation to the human nature?

* If two (or three) of the persons are relations, then are there relations between the relations?  How does this not entail gnosticism with its endlessly multiplied hypostases?ghd

I suppose one could get around this by saying that the term “relation” takes on a different meaning (albeit with no warning).


2 thoughts on “Relations of relations

  1. I’m usually disappointed with Reformed trinitarian theolegoumena because it so heavily depends upon Augustine, who was a disaster. Which Reformed theologians best got away from the Augustinian heritage, or sufficiently repackaged it, in your opinion? With the exception of Torrance.


    • Though Robert Letham’s book on the Trinity is flawed, he at least sees the problem. Colin Gunton is too much of a Barthian, but he, too, sees the problem with Augustine.

      At the end of the day the best Reformed Trinitarian theology is Torrance.


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