St. Irenaeus’ Church Spoke in Tongues

From Eusebiusirenaeus-of-lyons

As also we hear that many brethren in the Church possess prophetic gifts, and speak, through the Spirit, with all kinds of tongues, and bring to light the secret things of men for their good, and declare the mysteries of God.”

So when people make the claim, “Our church has remained unchanged in its practice and liturgy from the earliest days,” ask them if they speak in tongues.  Then ask which churches today speak in tongues. Worshiping_the_Lord_Southern_Baptists

 Adv. Hær. V. 6. 1.


One thought on “St. Irenaeus’ Church Spoke in Tongues

  1. That reminds me of the story about Florovsky (I think) who was at the World Council of Churches. Two reps, one from Church of England and the other from Church of Sweden, approached him and said he should sit with them, those who uphold bishops and apostolic succession. He declined and said he would sit with the Quakers, because they still believed in the continued, and powerful, work of the Spirit.

    But I approve trolling dumb convert apologists.


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