In which I survey the theology blogs

I plan to get everybody angry on this one.


Calvinist International.  Occasionally has some insightful pieces but tends to think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100% is a Van Tillian Rushdoonyite.  Here is my take on this “Reformed Humanism.” Okay, you guys know all this Latin (mine’s rusty, though the first words I ever spoke to my daughter were in Latin). Why don’t you put it to good use and translate Voetius and Rutherford?  That’s useful to the church.  Nobody cares about a 14,000 word essay on how the Reformed thinker Musilius collected the poetry of the Roman poet Orgius.

Heidelblog.  Clark elicits strong reactions.  I like him, though.  I think his site is a goldmine on Reformed resources, even if I disagree with his conclusions.

Old Life.  Hart is wrong on so many issues but he is also right from time to time.  Pay particular attention to his criticism of modern day Roman Catholicism.

Roman Catholic.

Called to Communion.  I don’t frequent there that often, unless Perry Robinson is commenting.  I only mention them because they are a competent version of what Orthodox Bridge tries to be.  Their mission statement sort of made sense when you had popes like B16 and JPII.  It’s hilariously awful under Francis.

Eastern Orthodox

Energetic Processions.  Perry knows his stuff.  I owe a lot of my own debating and scholarly method to reading his interactions.  Reformed readers:  if you are ever in a debate on an EO board and Perry shows up, back out gracefully.  To quote Gandalf, “This foe is beyond any of you.”

Orthodox Bridge.  This is the EO knock-off of Catholic Answers.  The one thing it does right is show you what Orthodoxy (in its post-Nikonian, modern day American form) looks like.  If you want a detailed analysis, it’s worse than useless.

2 thoughts on “In which I survey the theology blogs

  1. Nice post. Lol, Orthodox Bridge. You’re right about CTC; it’s far superior. I am actually personal friends with Bryan Cross. Though places like triablogue often personally attack him, if you have ever met him, he is one of the most gracious people I have ever met.

    On top of Rutherford et al., when is someone going to get to translate Polanus 10 volume Syntagma?!


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