Dominion Files (3) Recon world in meltdown

Every now and then the Christian Reconstructionist world goes crazy on whether Bojiday Marinov is a false teacher (he is) and a danger to the church (he is).  I never could figure out why Recons defend him.  His articles about God’s law and Christendom aren’t really unique.  Recons write on little else, so it’s hard to see what makes him special.  He doesn’t have leadership qualities, as he blocks anyone who might disagree with him. So why does everyone rally behind him?  And this isn’t just the average facebooker.  Established institutions like American Vision not only have not condemned him and warned the faithful, they still promote his articles.

And then it dawned on me.  There is no visible leadership in the Recon world, and that is important.  Recons need a few strong figures to keep the group from splitting every six years.  There just isn’t someone on the level of Bahnsen or North or Rushdoony (and Rushdoony, being under God’s judicial sanctions, hadn’t written anything of note after 1980).  Yes, Gary Demar has written good books. But I’m talking about the younger generation.  You will see a few primers published, and they might even be good, but that’s not on the level of the earlier generation. (To be fair, it isn’t intended to be).

They have to defend Marinov because there is no one else.


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