Analysis of Trump, the early weeks

So what do I think on Trump?  Relative to the domestic front, outstanding.  But the problem is the foreign front. Granted, he is infinitely better than a McCain or Obama or Hillary, but I am not actually pleased.

If Trump is “America First,” as am I, then we should avoid suicidal entanglements in the ME and East Asia.  This is what a Bush or Hillary would do.  It doesn’t seem like Trump.

Which raises another question: what if Trump really isn’t that powerful?  Simply electing a new president doesn’t negate the Deep State. Of course, over time one can weaken the Deep State and I think Trump will try to do something like that.

That would explain the Soros-like actions in the Middle East and Asia and the refusal to lift sanctions on Russia.


One thought on “Analysis of Trump, the early weeks

  1. It seems to me that he is in a quasi-war with elements of the Establishment. Or Trump is a puppet who is getting pulled by establishment and anti(alternative)-establishment strings. But the latter seems unlikely, his persona seems more calculated and grotesque to merely to be a mask for a marionette, which was more akin to the friendly, cool, and relatable Bush or Obama.


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