Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

My friend Jay Dyer wrote this piece. Sort of mirrors my own thoughts. I don’t think Trump is a conservative and I don’t care. There is nothing inherently holy about conservatism. Trump is fighting globalism, plain and simple. Is he real or is he fake in his fight? Would you give up the billionaire playboy lifestyle to be mocked on a daily basis?


One thought on “Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

  1. Even though I have serious reservations about much of Jay’s commentary, I’m generally in the same boat. Trump may be anti-globalist, but that doesn’t make him a good man or make him possess a beneficial option going forward. But the fact he has declared war on the deep-state of the burgeoning American, neo-liberal, market-state, makes me glad. I don’t care why he’s doing it, whether he’s psychotic or the most brilliant populist ever, he’s set the stage for a mortal wound to be inflicted. At the very least, he’s like Assyria wiping out Israel, a raving beast that has a purpose.


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