What a joke

There is a thread on gnosticboard Puritanboard about Wilson’s non-repentance.  I just gave them the facts based on over a decade of interaction with the Wilsonistas/CREC.  I then started quoting police documents, eyewitness testimony, etc.  I said “hide ya womens” because they might get married off to child rapists and pedophiles.

I got a warning saying my post was deleted because it “scoffed.”

Ultimately, it shows you that no matter how much Puritanboard might reject Wilson’s theology, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.  You only see outlaws like me and others engaging the Wilsonistas (and keeping legal documentation of it as well).  If you guys can’t handle a low-energy guy like me when it comes to just giving the facts, how on earth will you stand in a real debate?  I think God said something like if running with men tires you, what will you do against the horses?


5 thoughts on “What a joke

  1. Do you have a central place–or know someone who does–that goes over the facts in all the Wilson stuff without overeditorializing?


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