I didn’t do the 10k kettlebell swings

I had known of T-Nation’s 10k kettlebell swings challenge for a few years now.  I decided to give it a try.  In short, you do 500 swings a day for 20 workouts over a one month period. I’m using a 24kg/53lb weight. The sets look like this

10 swings
15 Swings
25 swings
50 swings

That is one set.  Repeat 4 more times.

I’m a strong guy but I found out how weak I was on the first round of 50.  But I kept with it that day.

We won’t even talk about the soreness.  Day 2 I failed at 300 reps.  I had to ask myself, “What am I trying to accomplish with this regimen?”  Sure, you will get stronger (any proper use of kettlebells will make you qualitatively stronger.  Period.  Not Planet Fitness, not Zumba, but kettlebells and strength training).

How would I use this skill set, if it is such?  I couldn’t think of a good reason.  I am not a young athlete, nor do I play “explosive sports.”  On the flip side, I had been “strength training” for about 4 years.  This meant doing lots of chin ups, kettlebell regimens, deadlifts, presses, bent press (not bench press!), and the like.

I need strength to pick up trailers, flip John Deere riding mowers uphill, and the like.  That’s it.


(Though to be honest, I am not sure how the above is “functional” either).

Here is my doing a chin up with 100lbs strapped to my waist.


So instead of continuing with the 10k swings, I went back to my old regimen.  Those who are truly great in any field are the ones who routinely perfect the basics.


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