Lamenting Rob Roy

The movie, mind you, not the book.  The following are problems with the movie.

~In the book Roy’s wife is Helen. In the movie, Mary/Moria.
~Completely ignores the uprising of 1715. That’s like writing about 1943 Germany and not mentioning WWII. In fact, there really aren’t any battles in the movie.  In fact, there really weren’t any dashing raids.
~Most historians doubt the rape scene. First of all, Cunningham didn’t exist. So if it happened, it would have been by Graehme, yet he and Rob Roy were relatively courteous to one another later on in real life.

~The problem is that it could have been a *really* good movie. The narrative, such as it was, had nothing to do with the book. You have a character who is the archetype of “outlaw” and he doesn’t really do any outlaw stuff. Even Braveheart was better on that score. So you take a land with beautiful scenery, a rich ballad tradition, a dashing outlaw and then do not much with it.

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