A tale of different fascisms

Real quick, what does fascism mean?  You are probably thinking it means anybody to the right of me that I don’t like.  While such a definition will get you tenure at the university, it isn’t quite accurate.

A better line of thought is to point to the overlap between national entities and economist interests.  This is better, but in today’s global society that means almost every country is fascist.  Further, a lot of so-called “fascist countries” thrived economically.

So that line of thought won’t do.  A better definition is one that defines identity around “race,” specifically within the contexts of the “Party.”  It’s not perfect but I think it has more explanatory power than the other definitions.  For our purposes today, I will call a group “fascist” that self-identifies as such.  So that people don’t start hyper-ventilating, I am going on record to say that I reject fascism, at least defined as reducing to the racial idea.  I don’t think that is what fascism means, but that is what most people think it means.

Enter Ukraine

So what are the connections with modern-day Ukraine and fascism?  It’s a lot more than simply saying that полк азов or правйй сектор is employed by the Rada.  That’s certainly a sufficient condition for fascism, but the analysis goes much deeper.  To be fair, in the ’40s a lot of Ukrainians rallied around the Nazis because they saw them as a counter to Stalin. I get that.  But those Ukrainians were also anti-Western liberalism.  Today’s “fascists” are financed by Western Liberals.

“But,” the objector exclaims, “fascists hate minorities and liberals love them, so they can’t be the same people.”  Well, Hitler employed a large number of ethnic groups in the Wehrmacht and white liberals are the most racist people on the planet.  But that’s not important.  It comes down to money and power.  Hitler’s goal was never to rid the world of the last Jew.  It’s control.  Lebensraum.  Among other things Hitler did was create a rival economic sphere that would negate the Anglo-American line.

Allowing that things have changed, we see something similar today.  The US/London nexus needs Ukraine.  It negates any natural border Russia has and is positioned as a launching point for any invasion.  This is why the rise of Novorossya terrified the Regime.  The Ukrainian army disintegrated in this war and the West failed to capture the resource-rich eastern part of the country.  Most importantly, it failed to establish Ukraine as an invasion port.  That’s why NATO has switched its attention to the Baltics.  Will you risk nuclear war simply that Latvia can have missile defense shields (which won’t work in an actual war.  Such shields are at least two generations outdated compared to Russian missiles).

“The Americans do not care about the Old World, – military expert Vladislav Shurygin said. – Even if Romania turns into scorched land, the Americans will only care less. The USA is too far, and there will be no explosions there. Deploying missile defense facilities in Europe, the United States is literally setting up its partners in Europe, making them take the blow that can only be struck in response to aggression, of course.”

The panic of the Baltic States, which tirelessly say that the Russians are about to attack them, is just a bluff, the purpose of which is to receive financial aid from Western countries. Russia is not going to seize Ukraine, even though the latter is already tired of digging trenches and building walls on the border. In 2008, during the operation to force Georgia to peace, Russian troops could easily enter Tbilisi, but did not do it and stopped on the borders of South Ossetia, which had fallen a victim of Georgia’s aggression.

But what does that have to do with fascism?  On one level, the US will use openly fascist groups in Ukraine to negate Russia.  On another level, who says that fascism died in the Western hemisphere?

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